Unmatched weldability, unmatched performance. MG’s Copper-based series of products are specially alloyed to reduce the common problem of outgassing, while providing toughness, strength, and corrosion resistance. The brazing alloys are designed with low viscosity for improved fluidity and capillary action for sound joining of even the tightest joints.

Product Description Mechanical Properties Technical Data
Coated Electrodes

PL 8914

DeOx Copper
Pure copper electrode with multi-phase base structure for high purity, dense weld metal deposits. Smooth arc transfer. Excellent for joining dissimilar grades of copper.
Tensile: 31,000 psi
Hardness: HB 60
Elongation: 35%


PL 8963

Aluminum Bronze
High strength universal CuMnNiAl bronze electrode for joining and surfacing. Excellent wear resistance on steel, brass, copper, and all grades of aluminum bronze. Resists corrosion and metal-tometal wear.
Tensile: 100,000 psi
Hardness: HB 200
Elongation: 20%


PL 8925

AC Phos Bronze
All position phosphor bronze electrode for welding on AC current. Deposits are porosity free and have excellent color match to bronze.
Tensile: 50,000 psi
Hardness: HB 80


PL 8929

DC Phos Bronze
All position DC+ phosphor bronze electrode with increased strength, hardness, and wear resistance. Specially formulated to resist harsh sea water and other damaging chemicals.
Tensile: 60,000 psi
Hardness: HB 120


Product Description Mechanical Properties Technical Data

PL 8235

Low Fuming Bronze - Flux Coated
Safe to use multi-deoxidized low fuming bronze for economical repairs of most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. If additional flux is desired, use 8051. Available in BARE version - 8343
Hardness: HB 80 - 110
Working Temperature:
1600°F (870°C)


PL 8236

Phos Copper
Exceptional general purpose self-fluxing alloy for tight fitting (0.001 - 0.003”) copper to copper joints. Successful with nearly all heat sources, and suitable for brass and bronze with external flux 8004 or 8041.
Working Temperature:
1350°F -1500°F
(730°C - 815°C )


PL 8237

5% Ag Phos Copper
Advanced silver alloy for moderate fitting joints (0.002 - 0.005”) of copper to copper applications. If flux is desired, use 8004 or 8041.
Working Temperature:
1300°F -1500°F
(704°C - 815°C )


PL 0394

The Ultimate 15% Ag Phos Copper
Self-fluxing silver alloy for the widest range of copper and copper alloy brazing. Exceptional for loose fitting joints. Suitable for brass and bronze with external flux 8004 or 8041.
Working Temperature:
1300°F -1500°F
(704°C - 815°C )


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