Wear Plates

Responding to the need to Wear face large surfaces in a faster and more economical manner than possible with manual welding, Messer manufactured its first wear plate sheet more than 17 years ago. Today the company has more than 26 production units worldwide, and provides the widest range of plate alloy products on the market. Bring this wear protection expertise and product selection to your industrial customers by private labeling our solution for large area wear protection.

Use one of our existing products, or customize your plate by specifying a unique wire that sets your product apart from the competition or meets your customer’s application requirements.

Wear Plate Description Base Metal Coating Total

PL 9766WP

Affordable chrome carbide plate that maintains structural integrity in situations involving abrasion, light impact and heat. Hardness is HRC 58-61. 6mm 4mm 10mm (3/8”)
8mm 5mm 13mm (1/2”)
12mm 7mm 19mm (3/4”)

PL 8874WP

Complex chromium carbide plate for severe wear applications. Used for applications where high stress abrasion is involved. High hardness of HRC 61-64 with a primary carbide distribution of 57% 5mm 3mm 8mm (5/16”)
6mm 4mm 10mm (3/8”)
8mm 5mm 13mm (1/2”)
12mm 7mm 19mm (3/4”)

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