Spray Powders

MG’s specially formulated powders offer high purity, strong bonds with no base metal dilution. When your customers require a protective coating of machine parts and tools subjected to a variety of wear types, trust MG powders to provide high performance, easy flowing, pore-free coatings.

Product Description Technical Data
Hot Spray Powders

PL 9810

Easily machined nickel alloy for joining and build up of all steels including stainless and nickel alloys.
HRC 14-17


PL 9820

Tough, machinable alloy for build up of all cast irons.
HRC 18-22


PL 9830

Dense nickel-chrome alloy for severe impact. Unlimited buildup and machinable.
HRC 37-40


PL 9840

Bronze alloy for joining and build up of copper alloys and steels.
Tensile: 42,000 psi

PL 9860

Abrasion resistant alloy with excellent high temperature hardness.
HRC 58-62


PL 9870

Fine mesh tungsten carbide alloy, in a Ni-Cr-B-Si matrix, for extreme abrasion resistance.
HRC 63/70 Work Hardened


PL 9875

Coarse tungsten carbide, in a nickel matrix, creates a rough, abrasion resistant surface.
HRC 64/70 Work Hardened

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